Copenhagen’s progressive, genre-crossing quartet VOLA return with their new album Applause Of A Distant Crowd, which was released on 12th October via Mascot Records/Mascot Label Group.

To coincide with the release, we asked their drummer, Adam Janzi, what they listen to on the load journey’s between shows. As you’d expect, the results are pretty varied!

A Perfect Circle – Thirteenth Step

This album is one of my favorites. It has a focused vibe that sets the mood for the day. The songwriting is so strong and everything just fits together so nicely. The way the drums sound on the song ”The Noose” amazes me everytime I listen.

Gojira – The Way Of All Flesh

This is one of those albums that always gets me going. The grooves and the riffs are so heavy and the vocals are so powerful.

The songs “The Art Of Dying” and “Toxic Garbage Island” are perfect songs to get you pumped for the shows.

Also, the album was released 10 years ago, which is amazing!

The Haunted – Unseen

The production on this album is just mindblowing, aswell as the songwriting. You can literally hear the snaredrum buzzing where there would normally be complete silence, and such small details are so charming. The songs on this album are so groovy and heavy.

Jonathan Davis – Black Labyrinth

Few albums keep me focused when there’s a lot going on around me. This album is one of those albums that always gets me back on track and ready to go, no matter what happens around me.

The energetic and rich drumming of Ray Luzier always reminds me of why I do this and helps me focus on what matters. Also, the songs on this album have some fantastic choruses.

Opeth – Damnation

It’s important to unwind on tour, and this album is perfect for me when I need to relax. The smooth production together with Mikael Åkerfeldts calming voice helps me forget about the tour and just take a moment to relax and gather myself.