The Sound Of Serial Killing


More brutal death metal

ANAL FISSURE and their debut album “Mind Of A Serial Killer” and its 10 tracks cut and tear away at the listener. Mixing up influences from Foetopsy, Devourment, Brodequin, and Liturgy and slop it all-together into one big heap of Brutal grinding Slamming Death Metal. It’s enormously catchy, fantastic driving music, with loads of skull-crushingly heavy Slam Death moments for big fans of the style.
ANAL FISSUREMind Of A Serial Killer” released by Brute! Productions October 20th and is available for pre-order now.



Mind Of A Serial Killer Tracklisting:
1. Sodomy Fundamentals
2. Swarming Vile
3. Crack Epidemic
4. Gorging on Rotten Flesh
5. Brute Crusade
6. Gluttonous Scavenger
7. Induced from Abnormality
8. Deviant Disembodiment
9. Multiple Murder
10. Rectal Bludgeoning

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