The Hills Are Alive


Alternative metal from Slovakia

“In the artificial world full of hypocrisy and half-truths, we are looking for the otherness.” so say Tristana. “We’ve found its inspiration in the Carpathian mountains.”

According to the band in doing this, they’ve created an “intelligent alternative metal saturated with the chilling atmosphere of snowy peaks, wild ferocious rivers and the darkness of endless forests. As the light alternates with darkness.”

Which, from what we can gather means”Virtual Crime” is an album which alternates ultra-melodic parts with hard passages and screaming vocals.

Line Up:
Peter Wilsen- vocals
Dusan Homer- guitars
Laco Krabac- bass
Andrea Almasi- keyboards
Roman Lasso- drums

Guests on Virtual Crime:
Rick Altzi (Masterplan, At Vance)- clean voice “Wasted Time” bridge “Bloody Snow”
Chiara Tricarico (Temperance)- female voice “Jannie’s Dying”

Virtual Crime is released via Bakerteam records on  31 March 2015


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