The Chronicles Of Xavier


Death metal inspired by The Chronicles Of Nania? Nope, we are not joking…..

M.H.X’s Chronicles is a Brazilian Melodic Death Metal band founded on September 2013 by the guitarist and composer Murillo H. Xavier. The band has 2 released works: The EP “The Preface” (released on September, 2013) and the full length “Infinite Ocean” (released on June, 2015), the both produced by Michel Oliveira and Murillo H. Xavier at the Sputnik Home Studio.

The band’s concept is inspired on the Irish writer C.S Lewis famous book series “The Chronicles of Narnia”. The proposal is to tell a chronicle, a kind of history, in each album (so, there’s the origin of the band’s name), illustrating it all with melodic orchestrations chocking with an aggressive instrumental and the Murillo H. Xavier’s brutal vocals.


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