Review: The Sick Livers – Mid Liver Crisis (2015)


South Wales dirty rock punk rabble rousers return with another act of debauchery.


Remember when rock n roll used to be dangerous and dirty…No? The Sick Livers do and they are bringing it back with a vengeance.

If The Sick Livers were a fire they would have burnt themselves out a long time ago. Their full-throttle no compromise brand of sleazy rock n roll debauchery owes more than a sly wink to the legends of the genre such as Hanoi Rocks, Iggy Pop etc. The band share a common thread with Nottingham’s The Hip Priests, a band of equal deviant tendencies, and their two minute balls-to-the- wall approach that illustrates perfectly what the band is all about. No prizes for guessing.

What immediately strikes you about South Wales’ chief glam punk gutter snipes is their steadfast refusal to pander to anything remotely resembling taste or decency. And for that they deserve a dirty, sweaty slap on the back of the arse. Be it the glorious “Smell of Elvis” a track that is sure to be a live favourite for years to come or “You Make Me Wet” an ode to, well you know!!

“This Is My Denim” kicks things off and it’s a relatively straight forward and familiar affair to fans of the genre before “Perfect F**King Nothing” comes on like The Clash trawling the streets of 1970’s Detroit. That menace is then enhanced with “Dark, Dangerous & Delicious”. A track that the press for the album it states is the best track that Hanoi Rocks never wrote.   The Finnish heroes were responsible for countless great rock n roll tracks and this could well be a lost classic. It would have certainly made their greatest hits album. However, the title is three words that sum the band up perfectly.

“One Man Stag Do” picks up right where The Stooges left off whilst “Out With The Dogs” runs away with itself like a freight train with it’s breaks cut. The album’s standout track is probably “Smell of Elvis” which is potentially the best two minutes of the year so far. E.L.V.I.S Oh Yes!!

The band have roped in a couple of quality names such as Therapy’s Andy Cairns and UK Subs mainman Charlie Harper to add their considerable chutzpah to proceedings. They fit in seemlessly, which may concern them somewhat on reflection!!

Damn it this is fun. There is really only one way to listen to this album and it’s loud, surrounded by nubile young dames, a bottle of six of Jack Daniels and you can make up the rest.

The album is due in August 2015.

Donnie’s Rating: 8/10

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