Review: Signs of Fire – Bottom Of The Well (EP)


New rockers Signs of Fire keeps the Midlands Metal heritage alive


Maximum Volume, in the course of its relentless gig attendances,  have caught Signs of Fire live a couple of times, most recently when they supported fellow Midlanders Tourous a few weeks back and it’s fair to say the review was fullsome in its praise.  It mentioned the huge potential that the band displayed and to a certain extent it’s played out on this three track EP.  That night they paid tribute to one of their many hometown inspirations Black Sabbath.  It’s no bad thing to tip your hat to your elders and even steal a trick or two from them.

That said this quintet appear to wish to forge their own path out of Birmingham into the wider music scene.  Tracks like the opener “Bottom of the Well” will do nicely as a marker to lay down their intentions to the rock world.  It delivers hooks like Gennady Golovkin, one for the boxing afficinados, and is a fine example of their fine early form.

“The Preacher Reigns” feels like a continuation to some degree of the first track with it’s similar riffing pattern and vocal approach.  “Rally Them All” plays it straight and opts for some nice double vocal lines but lacks a killer chorus that could raise it up a notch or two.

The groove is in place and steadfastly refuses to budge throughout the course of the trio of tracks on offer.  Each track does reveal something different such as the slowed down passage on “The Preacher Reigns”.

On occasion the structure may be a little  unrefined but considering this is just the beginning then there is no disgrace in that.  Give this band a few years, more hard graft in songwriting and musicianship,  and you could well see them becoming a force to reckon with.


Bottom of the Well
The Preacher Reigns
Rally Them All

The Band

Tommy Smith (lead vocals)
Viv (drums & percussion)
Matt Ball (lead & rhythm guitars, backing vocals)
Joe Ward (lead & rhythm guitars)
Liam Dyer (bass, backing vocals)

Donnie’s Rating: 7.5/10

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