Review: Rusty G’s – Taking Over EP (2015)


Highly touted Milton Keynes alt-grunge rockers release three-track EP.


Whether you like this or not may well be dependant to a certain extent on your thoughts about mid-1990’s Brit Rock. If you are of a certain age then there was much pleasure to be had from bands like The Wildhearts, 3 Colours Red, Gun, Therapy & Feeder regularly bothering the charts, particularly when Metal and more importantly Metal magazines and programmes were trying to foist the dreadful dirge that was Nu-Metal upon us.

Whether the music buying public is ready for a quick return to the mid 90’s is perhaps up for debate but if they do then short of a 3CR reformation they could do a lot worse than stick with Milton Keynes alternative rock duo Rusty G’s

In some corners they have been classed as Grunge, if so then it’s certainly not the Seattle-sound you may be expecting. I would place them far more in the mid-1990’s Brit Rock camp but they do have a penchant for the Grunge second-wave. More importantly they also possess the melody, swagger and fiery dynamics that made the Brit Rock scene so vibrant over twenty years ago.

The loss of bassist and founder member Tom a year ago was a blow but the twosome have redoubled their efforts and come up with a very smart and accomplished EP that hints of better things to come. Make no mistake Guitarist/Vocalist James Finch and Drummer Dan Lopez, know their way around a tune.

The EP’s title track for example is could well have been a Top 20 hit back in 1996. “Taking Over” is a track that in Boxing parlance “sits down on it’s punches”. Both its feet are on the floor and the stance is set. The movement is consistent and the blows are heavy.

The second of the three tracks on offer “Don’t Belong” has an early-Silverchair feel to it whilst he third and final track “Crawl” is perhaps the most Grunge-like of all three coming on like Stone Temple Pilots/Nirvana tribute.

The craft of songwriting is perhaps not yet there , not on the three tracks from here anyway, but there is plenty of time for them to grow and the musical chops appear to be coming together nicely.

All that said your enjoyment of this EP will most likely depend on your willingness to go back a few years. I’ve taken the trip and feel much refreshed for it. That said I was a much younger man back then!!

Donnie’s Rating: 7/10

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