IOTA are a Bristol-based alt-rock quintet who comprise of Jodie Robinson (vocals), Josef Parkes (guitar), Sam Mattison (bass), Joe Dean (guitar) and Thomas John (drums). The band released their most recent EP `Tyrants`  last month and have been garnering praise from wide and far including Classic Rock magazine.

This extended play opens with `Demons` with jangly guitars, a driving drumbeat, an underlying bass riff and vocals layered atop which gives the number a fairly spacious feel. There was a slight edgy feel which may reflect the title which may be the attention of an unwelcome spirit or a metaphor for life`s insecurities, addictions, or dependence. We have a kind of questioning, searching submission in `Ballet Box` which has a fairly rock texture and verges toward the anthemic. Jodie`s vocals swing from examining to almost anger or irritation as the number progresses.

`Sometimes` is a love song of sorts and seems to relate to a relationship or romance that has ended badly. It`s a quite heart wrenching ballad like offering with vocals that you can almost feel the pain endured by the narrator. This four tracker closes out with the lead track or single `Control` a song about fighting against the confines and restrictions holding you back. A quite vast number that`s full of emotion and may urge you to reflect upon your own lifestyle.   

There was much to enjoy on IOTA`s `Tyrants` extended play. I can understand why there`s a buzz about the band as they can certainly smash out a tune and have in Jodie Robinson a singer who has a fairly extensive and varied vocal range and can also reflect a tender vulnerability at times.

`Tyrants` was an interesting introduction for me and i`m sure there`s a lot more to come from IOTA.

Rating 8/10

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