Review: Autopsy – Puncturing The Grotesque (2017) 


US Death metal titans continue on their gruesome trail with a new mini-album/EP  

Autopsy are celebrating 30 years and have never sounded fresher or more vital in an over crowded extreme metal market.  The hundreds of sub-genres that now exist to describe bands means that classic old school brutality and ethos of death metal is slowly being rotted away.  There are, of course, many bands that still stick to the original game plan and stay true to their origins and it should be said that newer bands on the scene also soak up some of that originality of their metallic forefathers whilst adding their own modern day touch and experience. 

For all that you cannot beat traditional old school death metal and Autopsy deliver in spades.  After the opening 75 seconds of distorted guitar play that is “Depths of Dehumanization” the album kicks into gear with the hallmark controlled brutality and energy of the title track “Puncturing The Grotesque”.  A devastating three minute burst of old school high speed death metal with a thrashy riff that cuts deep into the heart of every extreme metal fan. 

“The Sick get Sicker” is slower in tempo but heavier in sadistic intent and “Gas Mask Lust” plumbs the very depths of guttural torment via a slow dirge of blood spattered insanity.   

The pace is quickened thanks to “Corpses At War” and the spiteful “Gorecrow” both tracks amongst the finest the band have committed to tape.   What the band proved with 2014’s brilliant Torniquets, Hacksaws and Graves is that death metal is alive and kicking and when it comes to skull crushing grooves that stick in your head like a pickaxe, you need look no further than Autopsy.  

These days the band is made up of Chris Reifert (vocals,drums) Eric Cutler (guitars, vocals), Danny Coralles (guitars)  & Joe Trevisano (bass) and it’s a combination that is more than equal to the sum of its parts.  The album itself was recorded at Earhammer Studios in Oakland CA with engineer Greg Wilkinson and the sound is as brutal in it’s clarity as it is in its volume. 

The short blast of Bloodbath’s infamous “Fuck You” to finish the mini-album is a disturbing aural delight and just about sums up the band’s attitude.  Take it or leave it.  This is Autopsy. 

Donnie’s Rating: 9/10 

Puncturing The Grotesque is out on the 15th December 2017 via Peaceville.

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