You latest album is called Black Magic – what was the idea behind calling the album that? The title came from the blues. It’s wild that they used to consider it evil and named it ‘The Devils Music’. If that is the case, then I am definitely a student in the ‘Black Magic’ of the blues. I feel everything I play starts from there and grows organically into its own thing. Real blues is still the heaviest and most powerful music I have ever heard.

You recently posted a photo from a music video shoot – can we look forward to new music? Absolutely! It’s funny, I actually have not stopped writing since recording ‘Black Magic’. For me, it’s part of my life, I can’t turn it off and on, the wheels seem to be always spinning.

Is there anything you can tell us about the new album? It is raw and real. I have stripped down my approach, trying to get closer to the actual power and emotion in the music. What you’ll hear on the record is what you’ll get live. I’m very excited for people to hear it.

What’s the best gig that you’ve been to or has inspired you the most?
I would have to say The Allman Brothers in 2004. I was completely knocked out! Between Warren Haynes and Derek Trucks on guitar, I was in absolute heaven. It was one of those moments where everything made sense. I am still inspired by that show…

What is your favourite part of touring and what is your least favourite part of it?
I honestly love touring. Every day is a brand new adventure. It’s amazing to meet people all around the world and share my music with them. It’s crazy to think of all of the countries and stages I’ve been able to play. My least favourite part is the jet-lag. It is the worst.

What’s your favourite UK venue so far, and why do you like it so much? Can share some memories about this venue? Wow, hard to choose. I can’t pick just one. We have played everywhere from Ramblin’ Man to Stone Free Fest, all the way to small pubs and everything in between. I love touring in the UK, the audiences there just ‘get it’. Every show is special.

 Do you have a pre-show ritual? If so what is it? Not really. I like to sit with my guitar a few minutes before the show and play a couple licks. Then I’ll do a few push-ups to get the blood flowing. That’s all I need to get ready to rock.

What is the one item, apart from your guitar, that you need to take on tour with you? My eye contact lenses. Otherwise I’ll basically be blind! Haha.

How do like to relax on a day off during a tour? Usually I’ll wake up, workout, and have a good meal. Then I’ll write a bit and play guitar. No days off.

What’s the best part about playing live? The audience interaction. Being in the moment and putting on the best performances I can. I love the energy and power of live shows. It’s my favourite thing in the whole world.

Jared is in the UK this week to play the following shows.

31 Aug: O2 Islington Academy, London
01 Sep: Muni Arts Centre, Pontypridd
02 Sep: Riverside, Newcastle
04 Sep: The Robin 2, Bilston
05 Sep: Craufurd Arms, Milton Keynes
06 Sep: Rebellion, Manchester
08 Sep: Tivoli, Buckley

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