From the swamps of Teignmouth come Lockersludge

Devon sludgers Lockersludge have just released their new EP “Drawing lessons”

Lockersludge essentially started out as a side project for Mark Lockyer (Vocals & Drums), Andy Lockyer (Guitar) they have now recruited bassist Brew so they can begin rehearsals and take the project out live.

Mark and Andy having been playing together since 1993 also enjoying slow, sludge (bands like Crowbar, Melvins & Eyehategod) power metal (Pantera) as well as an appreciation for the old skool hardcore scene (e.g. bands like Madball, Life of Agony, Biohazard) & the hardcore scene of today (e.g. bands like Terror, Sworn Enemy, Your Demise, Cruel Hand) believing that there is no heavier form of music.