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Citing Addiction, Frustration, Love, Hope, Death, Cancer, Loss, Egos, Kidnap, Murder, Relationships, Friendship and, erm, Bristol, as topics that inspired debut album, One Man Boycott pen the kind of energetic, instantly infectious pop rock nuggets that instantly instil a hankering for long sun-soaked days with good friends. Positively soaked in youthful exuberance, Counting The Seconds evokes pop rock’s halcyon days. With crisp production from Romesh Dodangoda (Kids In Glass Houses, Funeral For A Friend, Decade), Counting The Seconds is as accomplished as debut albums get, One Man Boycott confidently presiding over their arsenal of slick, effortless vocals (Brewer commands an impressive 4 octave range), punchy guitars and driving drums. Here Joe discusses how the artwork for the album came about…


The thinking behind the artwork for Counting The Seconds was ‘the sound of summer’. A few people had mentioned to us that the album sounds like summer and I like the sound of that. Plus the sentiment makes a lot of sense with the overall positive nature of my lyrics, so I rolled with it!

I wanted something to hint at the season, but not be too in your face obvious and also using photos this time round was important to me. While I was drafting ideas, collecting samples and testers in terms of style, I came across this set of photos entitled ‘It Takes More Than A Swallow To Make Summer’ by Rike_ on Getty Images; she’s got a style to her photography I really admire and these photos seemed to be perfect for the layout of the package I had in mind.

I spent the next few weeks talking to artists and photographers while collecting more ideas, but I kept returning to the swallows. Decision made. The shots we went for in the end I think represent a few of the different aspects to this album, obviously the summer vibe but also the friendships and family made throughout this process; there’s a camaraderie about those birds. I’m really happy with the way it’s turned out and can’t wait ’till it’s here in our hands.

One Man Boycott Release Album ‘Counting The Seconds’ via Super Sick Records on 25th March 2016. 

Watch new single ‘Sick Of It All’:  

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