New track from Canadian brutalists

Coming off their performance this past weekend at Metallion Festival in BC, Edmonton, AB’s Death Toll Rising has teamed up with for the premiere of their new video ‘Scorched Earth Policy’ in support of their latest album ‘Infection Legacy’.

“We are beyond excited to be releasing our first ever music video!  This is one of the thrashers off our most recent album, ‘Infection Legacy’ and always proved to be a fan favorite, so it was a no brainer to do this track.  We were lucky enough to work with our good friend and director Lindsay Robinson on this project and he pretty much nailed everything we had in mind, it looks sick!  It was great experience and we were able to have a ton of our friends out to party and be in the video, which made it all the more motivating for us.  It was cold, it was late, and it was exhausting, but in the end completely worth every minute!comments guitarist Drew Copland.

To watch ‘Scorched Earth Policy’, please visit the following link: 

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