Now Is The Time For Scissortooth


10.30 is premiered now

SCISSORTOOTH has teamed up with to promote their single ‘10 30’ off of their full-length ‘Novagomorrah’ released on July 28th via Galy Records. Contrary to how the track name appears, it is in fact a calendar date — October 30 otherwise known as the Devil’s Night, which is an integral part of  the 1994 film The Crow. Vancouver’s old school thrashers had this to say about the song.

“‘10 30’ is the Devil’s night! What started as a jokey “oldies metal” riff became one of our favorite songs to play. Lyrics were inspired from a “Paradise Lost” quote in the movie The Crow and just the primeval urge of wanting to destroy everything around you and see it burn. The song maintains a solid pace and weight, it always slams hard live and we can’t wait to play it on tour. Thank you to Bravewords for hosting this track and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do” – Derek Lunblad,Guitar and Vocals.


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