New fantasy doom on its way

Italian doom-metal trio Kröwnn’s full lenghth “Magmafröst” will be released via Taxi Driver Records next month.

It will be available in two limited exclusive versions: Marbled Black (100 copies) and Deep Black (200 copies).

Pre-orders have already started at: www.taxidriverstore.com and the album will be available and distributed from 30th July.

“Magmafröst” LP Tracklist:

1. Bennu (intro)
2. Skeksis Dance
3. Wyvernking
4. Wölfhunt
5. To Minas Morgul
6. Sleipnir
7. Forge Of Crom

8. Cernunnos (outro)

Magmafröst is a dark fantasy concept about the classic conflict of “Fire & Ice”, which has been revisited using characters and situations taken from fantasy tales by authors like Tolkien, rotoscoped animations by Ralph Bakshi, movies like Dark Crystal, Norse mythology and Medieval folktales. Magmafröst describes a distant multiverse where characters from different fantasy worlds coexist.Line-Up Kröwnn:

Michele el Lello Carnielli – Vocals/Guitar
Silvia Selvaggia Rossato – Bass
Elena Fiorenzano – Drums