This Machine Hates Fascists


The Right Wing tried to kill them – Blisterhead don’t care. 

Swedish punkrockers Blisterhead are back with a new album. The title is Tumbling Down and it will be available both digital and on vinyl, September 3rd 2015. Recorded in legendary “Music O Matic” studio in Gothenburg, and released on Norwegian record companies Snack Ohm Tapes and Punkebjartes Punkeplater.

“Tumbling Down is the most honest album so far. This is as close to a live show with Blisterhead as you can possibly get on record. No guitar dubs, fewer takes and, for the first time, the whole band simultaneously in the studio room pressing record.”

Although they used to tour Europe frequently in the past, Blisterheads fourth album is the first sign of life from the band since 2007. In the wake of other Swedish streetpunk bands like Bombshell Rocks and Voice of a Generation, Blisterhead have always provided a more poplike punk rock, heavily influenced by 50s rock ‘n roll focusing on strong melodies and vocals.

From their 2007 album Under the City Lights, the last single and video Devotion was played frequently on MTV before the band decided on an indefinite time-out. Prior to this, 3 albums and a 7 inch split with Voice of a Generation were released. Travelling from Russia to Italy, from England to Croatia, history was made together with international rock stars and, above all, local heroes.

As you may or may not remember headlines followed Blisterhead back in 2007 after surviving a bomb attack onstage during a show in St. Petersburg. The band, not unfamiliar with attacks after many years spent playing left wing anti racist and anti fascist shows, commented the incident “If the Nazis and fascists wants us dead then we must be doing something right”.

With Tumbling Down Blisterhead continues to honor Strummer’s legacy with an album filled with songs about justice for the common man, immigration rights and fear of the right wing movement seen spreading over Europe the last couple of years. All accompanied by hard-hitting choruses and strong melodies as always.

1 United Nations
2 Degenerated
3 Tumbling Down
4 I Deny It
5 Hide and seek
6 This time around
7 Stranded
8 The Revival
9 Burned All The Bridges
10 New Sensation
11 I Won’t Slow Down
12 East Bay Punk
13 Lets go down




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