Grind Your Mind


Meet the band who will rework your taste in sonic pleasures with a canorous punch to the auditory cortex….so they say

This Stockholm based, “semi-techy, post-modern, progressive death metal five-piece” is set for world
transformation with the upcoming opus “Mind Grind Paradigm”.

The story of Human Desolation began in late 2007 when former black metal band mates and Finnish
compatriots Kristian Reunanen (vocals) and Miika Hakomäki (drums) decided that they, mainly due to
musical boredom, wanted to create a more interesting style of music.

This was soon brought out in the lyrics as well as reflected in the conceptual vision of what the band was going to become.


01 – Paradigm Shift (intro)
02 – Afterlife
03 – Madworld
04 – Sienipilvi
05 – Desolation (instrumental)
06 – Fear and Loathing
07 – Hybrid Haven
08 – I Am Evil
09 – Frostbite
10 – Landscapes
11 – Flow
12 – Judgement Pathos

Running Time: 47 minutes


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