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Russian band releases their First Chapter as second record

SECOND TO SUN have, on their second full length album “The First Chapter“, unleashed an epic. This is a massive, lumbering, seething wall of sound that the listener just can’t help but become immersed in. “The First Chapter” is a journey that’ll take many listens to fully appreciate, but is richly rewarding to anyone open-minded and musically ravenous enough to make the trip. Playing Instrumental modern Metal with the elements of Black Metal, Djent and ethnic Finno-Ugric music. Their sound is dark, churning and hypnotic, massively heavy but varied and surprising, never monotonous.
SECOND TO SUN The First Chapter is out via the band on November 16, 2015. Produced and recorded by Vladimir Klimov-Lehtinen at Blastbear Sound studio. Artwork by Aleh Zelenkevich

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The First Chapter Tracklisting:
1. Spirit Of Kusoto
2. Red Snow
3. Me or Him
4. Land Of The Fearless Birds
5. The Blood Libel
6. Narcat
7. Virgo Mitt
8. Chokk Kapper (Bonus Track)
9. Narcat (Demo Version) (Bonus Track)

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