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Train Bigger Monkeys is an expression of “society force fed life-long corruption.”

Metal has a way of taking control, and TBM revels in the direction it takes them.

Formed in the winter of 2007, Train Bigger Monkeys have set out to destroy. With a sound that is both melodic and punishing, TBM has succeeded in creating music that melts faces and blasts minds. With a wide array of influences across numerous metal genres you get a taste of death, thrash, progressive, hardcore and straight up metal all rolled into one. Train Bigger Monkeys always bring an energy, technicality and a true passion to the stage that will challenge anyone not to get involved.

They have had the honour to share the stage with metal legends such as Massacre, Archspire, Incantation, and Benighted, and have performed at multiple Death/Chuck Shuldiner tribute shows as well as Vernstock, Farmageddon Open Air, and Calgary Metal Fest.

With 2 full length albums under their belts (The Human Disgrace – 2012 & Divergence – 2014), and a line up that makes it look easy, the band is undoubtedly on their way to success with a sound that is constantly evolving and refining into something truly unique that can only be Train Bigger Monkeys.

Album Band Line Up:

Adam ‘Greasy’ Benito (Vocals), Jason Carter (Guitar), Alex Dobbins (Guitar), Kevin Donovan Drums), Bryce Gorman (Bass)

Live Band Line Up:

Adam ‘Greasy’ Benito (Vocals), Jason Carter (Guitar), Alex Dobbins (Guitar), Kevin Donovan Drums), Kevin Watson (Bass)


2014 – Divergence – Full-length

2012 – The Human Disgrace – Full-length

www.TrainBiggerMonkeys.com | Facebook |Twitter | Reverbnation | Soundcloud |Youtube | Bandcamp

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