Featured Band: Puttin’ On The Foil


A mix between Motorhead and Hank Williams….

The band is a three piece consisting of Trayne Rekk on Bass/Vocals/Stupidity, TimTim plucking Guitar/Vocals and Jordan Stubbs on Drums. Rarely sober the band’s infectious music invites even the most conservative wall flower to act stupid. One would expect the band to have influences like KISS, SLAYER, and Iron Maiden, but Trayne blames Hank Willams Jr. for much of his blue collar topics.

Puttin’On The Foil’s signature sound starts with Hank Williams, toss in some Ramones, thickened with Motorhead, and a dash of Nashville Pussy gives it that good time feel. Fans can be sure to understand the bands incredibly love of a good time from their music and live shows.


Track Listing: Puttin’ On The Foil – Fired Up, Ready To Roll
1. Shitshow (3:08)
2. Comin’ In Hard’ (3:31)
3. Drunk & Naked (3:56)
4. Rowdy (3:46)
5. Fishin’ Song (4:00)
6. Sweet Prairie Vixen (3:20)
7. Giver To The Liver (3:37)
8. Let Me Be (3:48)
9. Raisin’ Hell (3:05)
10. Ode To Drunk (3:44)

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