Featured Band: Monarki


Alt Rock loving Indonesians are this weeks band of the week

Even allowing for the fact that rock music is the most universal language in the world, as well as being the most inclusive of places, allowing everyone to express their individuality however they choose, it’s still kinda cool when this happens.

An email popped into our inbox at MVM towers the other week, from a band who wanted us to check them out. It happens a lot, and we always do, but this was just a little bit different.

The person contacting us was Revly, the guitar player in Indonesian alt-rockers Monarki (which does, according to google mean monarchy) who very politely asked us to watch the bands videos.

So we did.

And we are here to tell you that if you like your rock of the alt. variety then you should do the same.

Bringing to mind bands like Live – who’s “Throwing Copper” record was barely off our our CD player in the mid-90s – Monarki have a huge sound, designed to bother arenas in the future.

Their slogan is: From Indonesia To The World and we wish them well.

Check them out on Facebook

Their most recent song is here:

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