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They’ve just released their new EP. You can get their last one for free

Formerly “Memory” LURID MEMORY is a metal band formed in Chula Vista in 2010 by Oscar Padilla.

Shortly after Mateo Bernal joined on bass, song writing began, followed a 3 song EP that was written and recorded with Shaun Pena. All drum programming was done by Shaun Pena, with the assistance of both Oscar Padilla and Mateo Bernal on a stylistic level. In 2012, Memory acquired vocalist Nick Clawson, and Lead/Rhythm guitarist Glenn Davis.

In mid 2012 Memory released UNCLEAR MENTAL PORTRAITS FROM LIVES PAST via a DIY effort by the band members. Free copies can mailed to you on request still.

In late 2012, Aaron Ashby ( His Irate Life, Man Destorys Himself) joins on the drums.
During the early part of 2013, Memory parted ways with vocalist Nick Clawson due to health and time issues. Memory is now fronted by founder Oscar Padilla, with backing vocals done by Glenn Davis. Later on this year Mateo Bernal left the band and was replaced by Chris Boodhoo on bass.
During 2014 Lurid Memory began to unfold a dominating act in the San Diego metal scene, culminating with a successful show at Las Vegas Death Fest, and the recording of a new EP. In 2015 Lurid Memory will continue to play shows abroad including multiple small tours throughout the US, and will be releasing their newly recorded EP by September 2015.
A successful EP was released this past September on Funeral Noise Records. Featuring the mixing and engineering talents of Ed Talorda (Disgorge) and guest vocals by Travis Ryan (Cattle Decapitation, Murder Construct), On October 2nd, Floyd Winters (Ex- Paroxysmal Butchering, Sectarian Collapse) replaced Chris Boodhoo on bass guitars.

Oscar Padilla (Guitars/Vocals)
Aaron Ashby (Drums)
Glenn Davis (Guitars)
Chris Boodhoo (Bass)

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