Featured Band: Diabolus Amator


Violent black metal – be afraid. 

Diabolus Amator plays irretrievably violent black metal, spawned in Virginia; now spellcast from the hell of Texas with frost-striking vocals from the frozen tundra of misery known as Canada.

The instigator,  Abyss, single – handedly conjured the debut full length, “The Dawn of a New Flame”.  Later, Abyss  obsecrated Lörd Matzigkeitus ofIdolatry to deliver the ghastly tone for the sophomore album, “Despotic Conjuring Of The Soulless”. This combines the fury of Marduk/Absu, and the darkness of Sargeist/Gorgoroth. This is an onslaught; a fury that harkens the pure hatred this form of metal enthrones. Crafted with singularity and precision as storms of bullets into targets.

Diabolus Amator will despotically take over black metal. Be amongst them or dare stand in their way.


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