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Taking their name from Cheers and their sound from Sabbath. What’s not to like?

BUFFALO THEORY MTL is a band of beer chugging, heavy riffing fans for the fans. Attributing their name to a scene from the pop culture 80’s TV show CHEERS (Cliff Claven explains the Buffalo theory of beer to his buddy Norm (explanation here.)) and the MTL abbreviation representing their pride for their hometown of Montreal, these seasoned veterans from the Canadian and Brazilian metal scenes are always ready to set the stage ablaze with their stoner / thrash infused metal for beer lovers around the world.

Comprised of members from legendary Quebec bands Ghoulunatics, Les Ékorchés, Arseniq 33 and currently active Vantablack Warship along with vocalist Anton Parr’s experience in thrash bands in Brazil. BUFFALO THEORY MTL’s passion for metal is truly in the blood of this quintet whose past experiences are a combined amount of over 1300 shows, 15 studio albums along with sharing the stage with bands such as Korn, Marilyn Manson, Testament and Suicidal Tendencies.

The band’s first EP ‘Live In Studio’ was released in 2010 and was later followed by their debut full length 2012’s ‘Heavy Ride’ released via Galy Records, which was then followed by their 2014 EP “Murder Trilogy’.

Now in 2016, the band returns with their third EP ‘Skeptic Knight’ set for release on February 26th via Stand Records.

For more info, please visit https://www.facebook.com/BUFFALO-THEORY-MTL-243777113598/ 

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