New video and album release from French rockers

“RAB2”, the second full-length album from French stoner-rock quintet RAB was released last week via Klonosphere Records/Season of Mist.

This new effort consists of eleven new tracks recorded and mixed by bass player Romain Gayral at Cartellier studios in France. Mastering was handled by Michel Vincent at Polycarpe studios.

Just recently, the five-piece launched a music video for the closing track “My Own Grave”.  The video directed by Morgan Mollard can be viewed.


01. First Mate
02. 70 Virgin Girls
03. Gay Killer
04. Friend of Mine
05. Feel Good
06. The Genius of the Crowd
07. Pity Full Liars
08. Good Old Days
09. Tonight We Dance
10. New Dawn
11. My Own Grave