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Their album is just out – they give us the lowdown on Ageing Accelerator 

Ageing Accelerator. Something that drastically increase your ageing, something you found out. You instantly become old. There is no major concept in the album.
1. Corpsewatcher is about the old tradition to be around the dead body all night till last minutes above the ground, despair.
2. Yellow Grimace is based on real story of a person receiving someone he knows to prepare for final ritual.
3. The Terrible is about Ivan The Terrible.
4. I Remember You Dead is based on a story of Edgar Allan Poe, The Casque of Amontillado. Revenge!!!

 5. Flies On Your Lips is about the person who decided to kill himself. Wrote lyrics after it happened to a person Dmitry Sukhinin knew.
6. Crusaders is about wars and economic wars, wars for oil and territory. And about Hypocrisy.
7. Berenice is based on Edgar Allan Poe’s story Berenice about sick obsession with teeth.
8. Communist Architectonics is about disgusting architectural style USSR used to contaminate the cities with exploding old cathedrals, churches and something that was really beautiful and replacing it with atrocious concrete.
9. Temple Of Artemis is about people whom we should not memorize like the one who burned the temple.
10. StarDust is instrumental, initially was a song for bass guitar, but it evolved.

Track Listing of Album: Defect Designer – Ageing Accelerator
1. Corpsewatcher (3:30)
2. Yellow Grimace (2:10)
3. The Terrible (5:24)
4. I Remember You Dead (5:55)
5. Flies On Your Lips (3:32)
6. Crusaders (2:36)
7. Berenice (4:25)
8. Communist Architectonics (2:51)
9. Temple Of Artemis (4:12)
10. StarDust (2:50)
Album Length: 37:28

Album Band Line Up:
Flo Mounier (Cryptopsy) on drums,
Stelios Mavromitis (Septicflesh live guitarist) on guitars,
Christos Antoniou (SepticFlesh) – sampling and orchestration,
Martin Storm-Olsen (Trollfest) – guitars and clean vocals,
Dmitry Sukhinin – bass, guitars, vocals.

Live Band Line Up:
Dmitry Sukhinin – Guitars, Vocals
Martin Storm-Olsen – Guitars
Anders Faret Haave – Drums

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