Death Metal Based On Quantum Physics


Lets be honest, we spoil you, don’t we?

After five studio album and countless tours, OTARGOS are back with their sixth studio full-length celebrating their 15th anniversary.

Completing the stylistic turn started with previous album “Apex Terror”, OTARGOS are back stronger than ever with a Dark Extreme Metal full-length adding to the bands’ trademark Blackened Death Metal structures bits of Industrial Metal, Death Metal, Black Metal, Orchestral Gothic Metal (think SepticFlesh) and more for a unique result: dynamic, strong, heavy, dark, intense and modern yet absolutely catchy, full of dark anthems.


The lyrical concept OTARGOS have been developing since their inception, based on quantum physics chaos, multiverse evilness, alien predation and the Warhammer 40K RPG, “Xeno Kaos” is the great Beast that will prey on humans.

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