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Black metal from the gutter

 From the gutters of Oslo comes Vingulmork. A blackened thrash metal onslaught, absolutely pure and free from the chains of overdubs, triggers and studio finesse, Vingulmork flies at you with all the heart, punch and aggression you can take.

The band arose from the ruins of a multitude of musical constellations scattered across the last decade of the Oslo metal scene. At the core of the band’s expression is metal as a state of mind, experience and confidence. The band emphasizes songwriting, live performance and the conveying of that certain cold-aggressive-and-grim-yet-loving, arms-around-each-other-in-the-pit togetherness that only a true metal show can bring about.

Vingulmork released their debut EP at the beginning of 2014, and are looking to play as many gigs as possible in the years to come. No venue too small, no backstage facilities too ridiculous, Vingulmork will play in your town, on your roof, in your basement or on the back of the pickup truck you are driving to escape the mobs of hipsters angered by Vingulmork’s total disregard for whatever trend any community finds to be appropriate

For contact, gigs, the purchase of merch etc, feel free to contact:vingulmorkmetal@gmail.com

Official Website: vingulmork.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/vingulmork


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