Alluring and energetic alternative rock crew, KING OF THE DEAD will set loose their monstrous new EP, The Summoning, with an accompanying full comic book, on Friday 1st October. The darkly rockers have also just released a superb new single, With Love –


KING OF THE DEAD are a band who are unafraid to be daring and audacious. The mysterious and deeply intriguing horror rock combo are a celebration of the macabre and the bizarre. Expressing earworms that are acutely anthemic and ominously inviting, the three-piece pin sledgehammer rhythms against gargantuan choruses backed by pounding drumming. The outcome is utterly compelling and absorbing.
KING OF THE DEAD are telling a story through a series of songs, videos and updates from an enigmatic masked individual, the Familiar. As described by the trio, he is the public face of the band – an individual that sits between worlds – the earthly realisation of secretive ancient forces. With a focus on theatrics, exhilarating music and a visual style reminiscent of horror films and comic books, KING OF THE DEAD are governed by a strong drive. The band’s incoming EP: The Summoning, is a tale of sacrifice, possession and the occult. Musically, the record is a heady amalgamation of infectious alternative and punk rock that bows its head to the likes of 30 Seconds To Mars, Ghost, and Alkaline Trio.Thus far, four singles have been unleashed. The story started with Control, and was followed by Destroy My Name, a song about purging yourself of shackles. Running Out Of Time swiftly ignites the senses, while the group’s latest single, With Love, is a breathtaking piece of electrifying and driving alt-rock. Their final offering is the blistering track, Damned, which wraps up The Summoning in delectable style.
This is just a beginning for KING OF THE DEAD as the scope of the storytelling is expanding. Embrace the fear and behold the Summoning.


‘The Summoning’ EP track listing: 01 Control; 02 Destroy My Name; 03 Running Out Of Time; 04 Damned; 05 With Love.

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