Manchester based outfit Heart Of Gold have announced their debut album Beautiful Dangerous, out August 12th via SharpTone Records. Serving as an aural time capsule for stories new and old, the album is a testament to vocalist Michael McGough‘s lived experiences, drawing inspiration from a set of notebooks spanning the past ten years, and memories that date back even further to his childhood in a small English village.

Fans can pre-order Beautiful Dangerous at

On the upcoming release, the band shares:
“There’s a distinct correlation between beauty and danger. Certain parallels become known once you’ve spent some time growing. Whether it’s the warmth of a new love, the longing that comes after a broken heart, the rush of an unexpected storm in the middle of a crowded city, there is a beauty and a danger to everything; some things are one or the other, but most are clearly both. ‘Beautiful Dangerous’, dissected carefully into fourteen pieces, demonstrates clearly where you can find the line between these two sincere words.”

Alongside the announcement, Heart Of Gold have unveiled a brand new single for ‘Leave Just Yet‘. The track has been released alongside a music video. ‘Leave Just Yet‘ and its music video are available to stream now at

“Metaphorically speaking, ‘Leave Just Yet’ was a song of self-realization. It was understanding that after however long I have been writing and performing music as a career, I think I still don’t truly know who I am, so the journey has become one of discovery to find out. ‘Leave Just Yet’ touches on milestones and pinnacle moments in life, inside and outside of this world I’ve created where I think I have it figured out, but the truth is, I don’t. And that is absolutely fine for now.”

Heart Of Gold will be playing their first show within the United States on Wednesday May 4th, at Kiss Kiss Bang Bang in Los Angeles, CA. Tickets for the show are on sale now and can be purchased HERE.

Beautiful Dangerous Tracklist:
01. To The Blue
02. Headache
03. Patient
04. Bright Lights
05. There’ s A Difference Between
06. Leave Just Yet
07. Something That Lasts Forever
08. September Sunburn
09. Backseat Daydream
10. Hometime
11. Bad Habit
12. Co – Dependant
13. And Something That Never Ends
14. Time Spent Driving
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