As part of their 20th anniversary celebrations, Swedish power trio Märvel will release the double vinyl compilation “Double Decade” in the beginning of 2023. Packed with Märvel’s patented take on high-octane and super catchy rock’n’roll, the double vinyl contains Märvel’s greatest hits, previously impossible to get B-sides, and rare tracks, all newly mastered by Magnus Lindberg (The Hellacopters, Imperial State Electric, Cult Of Luna, The Datsuns, Tribulation, Lucifer).

The compilation also includes two brand new, previously unreleased songs, mixed by Robert Pehrsson (Dundertåget, Death Breath, Robert Pehrsson’s Humbucker). One of these new tracks is called “Catch 22” and is released as a digital single on the 20th of January.

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Märvel on “Catch 22”:
Sometimes, no matter how hard you try you end up with your beard in the mailbox or pants down to your ankles with a school-bus full of idiots laughing at you. You just cant win. And even more sometimes, youre in a relationship where you cant stand each other but still cant exist without each other.

Catch 22 was recorded during the studio sessions for the album Graces Came With Malice. We felt it didnt quite fit the theme of the album but it was still a strong song that we wanted to highlight in a special way. By including it in Double Decade were looking backwards and forwards at the same time. Like a rear-view mirror facing forwards.

The double vinyl “Double Decade” will be available in two different set of colors, one containing 2x transparent clear vinyl, and the other containing one transparent orange and one transparent purple vinyl. Both versions come in a luxurious gatefold with an exclusive booklet. “Double Decade” will be released on The Sign Records on February 24, 2023, and can be pre-ordered now.

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