Beacons Shines From This Weekend


Leeds festival ready for kick off

With the launch of Headrow House (Leeds) this Friday, this also signals the start of Beacons Metro. 12 weeks, 47 shows, 4 venues and around 90 bands with take to the stages of Headrow House, Belgrave Music Hall, Wharf Chambers and Canal Mills.

East India Youth,

October 2nd, Headrow House, Leeds, 21:00 Free Entry 


October 3rd, Headrow House, Leeds, 19:00, £10

Beacons Metro x 20/20 Vision Recordings present: Christian Löffler, Ralph Lawson, Tristan Da Cuhna

October 3rd, 22:00, Headrow House, Leeds, £10

Baby Strange,

4th October, 20:00, Headrow House, Leeds, £7.50

Beacons Metro x DIY Present: Nai Harvest,

5th October, 19:00, Headrow House, Free Entry

Supports: Bloody Knees, Abattoir Blues, Forever Cult


8th October, 20:00, Headrow House,  Free Entry

Supports:  Mothers, Cattle

Polo + Actor (Co Headline Show)

9th October, 19:30, Headrow House, Leeds, Free Entry

Supports: Laminate Pet Animal

Boxed In

10th October, 21:00, Headrow House, Leeds, £6


10th October,  19:00, Headrow House, Leeds,  Free Entry

Supports: Kagoule, Crushed Beaks, Sauna Youth

Spring King,

11th October, 19:00, Headrow House, Leeds, £7

Supports: Spring King, The Parrots, Trudy

Dornik + Royce Wood Jr (Co Headline Show)

13th October, 19:30, Headrow House, Leeds, £8

Black Honey

15th October, 20:00, Headrow House, Leeds,  £5

Beacons Metro x DIY Present: Girls Names

16th October, 19:00, Headrow House, Leeds, Free Entry

Supports: Feature, Fehm, Chaika


16th October, 21:00, Belgrave Music Hall & Canteen, Leeds, £15

Everything Everything

17th October, 18:00, Canal Mills, Leeds, £17.50

Mick Jenkins,

18th October, 20:00, Headrow House, £8

Beacons Metro x DIY Present: Best Friends,

20th October, 19:00, Headrow House, Free Entry

Supports: Hannah Lou Clark, Beverly, The Orielles

Mura Masa

21st October, 20:00, Headrow House, £7

Micachu & The Shapes

22nd October, 20:00, Headrow House, £8.50

Real Lies

23rd October, 19:30, Belgrave Music Hall & Canteen, £8

Supports: Nimmo, Favela, Francis Lung

Son Lux

23rd October, 20:00, Headrow House, £8

Supports: Golden Teacher, Galaxians


24th October, 20:00, Headrow House, £5

Supports: Beach Baby


24th October, 20:00, Headrow House, FREE ENTRY

DMA’s + Neon Waltz (Co Headline Show)

25th October, 19:30, Headrow House, £6

U.S. Girls

26th October, 20:00, Headrow House, £7

King Midas Sound

28th October, 20:00, Belgrave Music Hall & Canteen, £12.50

Supports: Fennesz


29th October, 20:00, Headrow House, £10

World Islands ft Bo Ningen, Mugstar, Woven Skull, The Rhubarb Triangle

30th October, 19:30, Headrow House, £12

World Islands ft Acid Mother Temple, Wolf People, Grumbling Fur, GNOD, Virginia Wing, Pretty Lightning

31st October, 17:00,  Belgrave Music Hall & Canteen,  £20


3rd November, 20:00,  Headrow House, £7

Ex Hex

7th November, 19:00, Headrow House,  £11

Supports: Ultimate Painting

The Garden

8th November, 19:30, Headrow House, £7

The Wytches,

9th November, 20:00 Headrow House, £9

Loyle Carner

12th November, 20:00, Headrow House, £7.50


13th November, 20:00, Belgrave Music Hall & Canteen, £15

Beacons Metro x DIY Present: Tuff Love

13th November, 19:00, Belgrave Music Hall & Canteen, Free Entry

Supports: Fake Laugh, Lazy Day, Finnmark

Titus Andronicus

14th November,  13:00,  Headrow House, £12.50

LA Priest

15th November, 20:00, Headrow House, £8

Beaty Heart

16th November, 19:30, Headrow House, £6

Rejjie Snow

17th November, 20:00, Headrow House, £8

Jaakko Eino Kalevi

19th November, 19:30, Headrow House, £8

Daniel Avery,

20th November, 22:00, Headrow House, £10

Beacons Metro x Kalyan Presents: Portico

21st November, 15:00, Headrow House, £5 early bird, £7.50 full price


24th November, 19:30, Headrow House, £9

Melt Yourself Down

27th November, TBC, Headrow House,

Factory Floor,

28th November, 21:00, Headrow House,  £10

Willis Earl Beal,

1st December, 20:00, Headrow House, £8


10th December, 20:00, Headrow House, £7

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