Leeds festival ready for kick off

With the launch of Headrow House (Leeds) this Friday, this also signals the start of Beacons Metro. 12 weeks, 47 shows, 4 venues and around 90 bands with take to the stages of Headrow House, Belgrave Music Hall, Wharf Chambers and Canal Mills.

East India Youth,

October 2nd, Headrow House, Leeds, 21:00 Free Entry 


October 3rd, Headrow House, Leeds, 19:00, £10

Beacons Metro x 20/20 Vision Recordings present: Christian Löffler, Ralph Lawson, Tristan Da Cuhna

October 3rd, 22:00, Headrow House, Leeds, £10

Baby Strange,

4th October, 20:00, Headrow House, Leeds, £7.50

Beacons Metro x DIY Present: Nai Harvest,

5th October, 19:00, Headrow House, Free Entry

Supports: Bloody Knees, Abattoir Blues, Forever Cult


8th October, 20:00, Headrow House,  Free Entry

Supports:  Mothers, Cattle

Polo + Actor (Co Headline Show)

9th October, 19:30, Headrow House, Leeds, Free Entry

Supports: Laminate Pet Animal

Boxed In

10th October, 21:00, Headrow House, Leeds, £6


10th October,  19:00, Headrow House, Leeds,  Free Entry

Supports: Kagoule, Crushed Beaks, Sauna Youth

Spring King,

11th October, 19:00, Headrow House, Leeds, £7

Supports: Spring King, The Parrots, Trudy

Dornik + Royce Wood Jr (Co Headline Show)

13th October, 19:30, Headrow House, Leeds, £8

Black Honey

15th October, 20:00, Headrow House, Leeds,  £5

Beacons Metro x DIY Present: Girls Names

16th October, 19:00, Headrow House, Leeds, Free Entry

Supports: Feature, Fehm, Chaika


16th October, 21:00, Belgrave Music Hall & Canteen, Leeds, £15

Everything Everything

17th October, 18:00, Canal Mills, Leeds, £17.50

Mick Jenkins,

18th October, 20:00, Headrow House, £8

Beacons Metro x DIY Present: Best Friends,

20th October, 19:00, Headrow House, Free Entry

Supports: Hannah Lou Clark, Beverly, The Orielles

Mura Masa

21st October, 20:00, Headrow House, £7

Micachu & The Shapes

22nd October, 20:00, Headrow House, £8.50

Real Lies

23rd October, 19:30, Belgrave Music Hall & Canteen, £8

Supports: Nimmo, Favela, Francis Lung

Son Lux

23rd October, 20:00, Headrow House, £8

Supports: Golden Teacher, Galaxians


24th October, 20:00, Headrow House, £5

Supports: Beach Baby


24th October, 20:00, Headrow House, FREE ENTRY

DMA’s + Neon Waltz (Co Headline Show)

25th October, 19:30, Headrow House, £6

U.S. Girls

26th October, 20:00, Headrow House, £7

King Midas Sound

28th October, 20:00, Belgrave Music Hall & Canteen, £12.50

Supports: Fennesz


29th October, 20:00, Headrow House, £10

World Islands ft Bo Ningen, Mugstar, Woven Skull, The Rhubarb Triangle

30th October, 19:30, Headrow House, £12

World Islands ft Acid Mother Temple, Wolf People, Grumbling Fur, GNOD, Virginia Wing, Pretty Lightning

31st October, 17:00,  Belgrave Music Hall & Canteen,  £20


3rd November, 20:00,  Headrow House, £7

Ex Hex

7th November, 19:00, Headrow House,  £11

Supports: Ultimate Painting

The Garden

8th November, 19:30, Headrow House, £7

The Wytches,

9th November, 20:00 Headrow House, £9

Loyle Carner

12th November, 20:00, Headrow House, £7.50


13th November, 20:00, Belgrave Music Hall & Canteen, £15

Beacons Metro x DIY Present: Tuff Love

13th November, 19:00, Belgrave Music Hall & Canteen, Free Entry

Supports: Fake Laugh, Lazy Day, Finnmark

Titus Andronicus

14th November,  13:00,  Headrow House, £12.50

LA Priest

15th November, 20:00, Headrow House, £8

Beaty Heart

16th November, 19:30, Headrow House, £6

Rejjie Snow

17th November, 20:00, Headrow House, £8

Jaakko Eino Kalevi

19th November, 19:30, Headrow House, £8

Daniel Avery,

20th November, 22:00, Headrow House, £10

Beacons Metro x Kalyan Presents: Portico

21st November, 15:00, Headrow House, £5 early bird, £7.50 full price


24th November, 19:30, Headrow House, £9

Melt Yourself Down

27th November, TBC, Headrow House,

Factory Floor,

28th November, 21:00, Headrow House,  £10

Willis Earl Beal,

1st December, 20:00, Headrow House, £8


10th December, 20:00, Headrow House, £7