You become an adult, you get that crappy job that you swore would only be temporary. Fast forward and somehow you’re still in that crappy job, getting out of bed is difficult and after months and months of procrastinating you take a chance on something else. Eventually though, you start to figure it out bit by bit. It was against this backdrop in Southsea, England that the punk-rockers Young Pretorians formed in 2019.
Pete Darwent (Vocals & Guitar), James Marsh (Guitar), Will Pearce (Bass) and Mike Parsons (Drums) grew up playing music together in bands across the South Coast. Young Pretorians is the culmination of hundreds of shows, countless songs and the highs and lows of growing up in soulless towns. Call it Punk, call it Rock and Roll, call it guitar music, call it what you will. Let’s not let genre get in the way of a good song now.

You won’t find songs about clubs and frivolous excess; Darwent would sooner dissect the apathy and exhaustion of your twenties or the the strain of long distance relationships. These songs are for everyone. It’s said that in life you’ve go to keep moving forward; that’s exactly what Young Pretorians are doing.

Young Pretorians are:

Pete Darwent – Vocals & Guitar
James Marsh – Guitar
Will Pearce – Bass
Mike Parsons – Drums

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