Switchblade Glory have returned delivering their long-awaited sophomore album ‘Human Toys’ after a multi-year hiatus. Lead vocalist, Lukas Rossi and founder/guitar player, Steve Polin created this filthy but yet sexy sound by combining their two different musical backgrounds. The self-titled track and first single ‘Human Toys’ is a perfect cross-over in the hard rock genre that flirts with an alternative rock influence that is sure to be a smash! Their sophomore album ‘Human Toys’ bleeds southern, gritty, in your face, nasty rock tracks with a haunting aftertaste. Fueled by heavy guitar riffs, soaring powerful vocals, and infectious beats that have you begging for more. Rossi’s vocal has so much personality and swagger that he keeps you engaged from his first word. Somehow, all of the songs sound instantly classic with every track as strong as the one before it!

‘Human Toys’ Official Music Video:

Switchblade Glory is an American hard rock band composed of internationally acclaimed singer/songwriter Lukas Rossi (Rockstar Supernova, Stars Down, The Halo Method), legendary drummer Kenny Aronoff (John Mellencamp, Chickenfoot, John Fogerty), founder/songwriter/guitar player Steve Polin (Switchblade Glory, Stone Glory), and bass player, Josh Esther (Austin Mahone, Rhianna, Flo Rida). SBG shows their ability to compact a vast array of influence and experience into a signature sound. SBG’s self-titled debut release in 2011 shot out of the gate hard hitting with memorable guitar riffs and amazing melodies driven by Lukas Rossi’s powerful vocals. SBG was up for consideration in the 2012 Grammy Music Awards, and won “Best Metal Band” in the 2012 Artist in Music Independent Music Awards.

The meaning behind ‘Human Toys’ can be interpreted in many ways and delivers that big authentic rock sound that we always crave. The chorus has an anthem like quality that makes you want to raise your fists and sing along. On the single, Rossi states, “The music video is based on self doubt and our insecurities and how sometimes we focus too much on our outer beauty when all that matters is the beauty inside, and therein lies a dysmorphia of self-worth and image. We are all beautiful, original, and one of a kind for a share our beautiful differences with each other.”

Last summer, lead vocalist Lukas Rossi released a music video for ‘Summertime’ from his ninth studio album chock full of celebrity cameos including his former Rockstar Supernova band-mate Tommy Lee, Matt Pinfield, Joey Fatone, Run-DMC’s Darryl McDaniels, members of P.O.D. and Three Days Grace, actor Paul Schulze, Tiffany, comedian Big Jay Oakerson, and Chris Perez. Rossi was also featured on two tracks from Tommy Lee’s ‘Andro’, released last October and received rave reviews. “Lukas is incredible, ‘When You Were Mine’ is my favorite song on the record” – Tommy Lee.

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