New Digital single and video for ‘World needs Mosh’ out on July 23rd as well as ‘The Pizza ep’ Pre orders at Listenable Records store!

When you’ve had a bad day and decided to treat yourself with a pizza. You want to relax at home and recover. The door bell rings and you know you are moments away from happiness. Imagine this time the pizza guy doesn’t only deliver you the pizza, but also brings you a new long awaited Crisix EP.

Yes, Crisix actually cooked a new EP of new studio material. The Pizza EP will deliver you more fun then ever. Take a slice as antidepressant.

Slice A features  ‘No Tip for a Kid’ track, a Catchy, thrash assault right in your face. A funny real life anecdote from guitarist BB Plaza when he was still delivering pizzas. and ‘World needs mosh’, a very serious motivational and inspiring new Crisix anthem.

Slice B (Extra raw) offers the shortest song in Crisix’s career. A 90’s crossover and Jurassic Park inspired ‘Raptors in the Kitchen’. With the next bite you will taste a spicy cook’n’roll ‘It is Tough to Cook a Song’. Slice B (Extra raw) was recorded old way with everyone in the studio recording at the same time. No editing and unnecessary bullshit. Just straight Extra raw to your face. For the cheesy dessert there are rumors of bonus tracks. But that’s just for most devoted eaters.

CRISIX : ‘The Pizza ep’  
Tracklisting :
1 No Tip for the Kid    03:03
2 World Needs Mosh    03:43
3 Raptors in the Kitchen    00:54
4 It’s Tough to Cook a Song    03:44

💥Crisix will play main stage at Hellfest on June 24th, 2022.💥

Yesterday the band performed at Hellfest from Home edition on festival grounds in Clisson:

CRISIX : ‘The Pizza EP’ will be available in Cd, Vinyl and Digital on Listenable records in early September.

Pre orders are to be announced shortly.

Buy Crisix albums and merch HERE

Catch Crisix on tour with Insanity Alert in September and November 2021
around Europe.

The Menace (2011)
Rise..Then rest (2013)
Blue to Black (Listenable 2016)
Against the Odds (Listenable 2018)
Sessions: #1 American Thrash (Listenable 2019)

Juli Bazooka: Vocals
Javi Carry: Drums
B.B. Plaza: Guitars
Albert Requena: Guitars
Pla Vinseiro : Bass


Get Out Of My Head:
Leech Breeder:
Ultra Thrash:

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