Caravan Dream are a multinational rock band formed in 2019 in the Middle East, while living as expats in the state of Qatar;  the band are – Hadi Assoum (Lead Guitars & Piano), Radi El Zouhby (Lead Vocals & Guitars), Rami El Zouhby (Bass Guitars) & Oleksandr Banashko (Drums). Each of the four members bring diverse musical influences to the band, ranging from Rock, Pop, Psychedelic Rock, Funk, Hard rock and Metal. They released their new single “Fantasy” on 15th September 2022 with an album to follow later in the year.

It was during the lockdowns at the beginning of the COVID19 pandemic that Hadi became inspired to write the song Heroes Dreams” and shared it with his bandmates in a covers band.  It was a defining moment: the band decided to change tack and start writing and producing their own original material under a brand-new name: Caravan Dream. The new name perfectlyreferences the desire for fantasy and to reject the grind of daily routine (or “The Machine” as they describe it) to a liberated, free, caravan-like world as a kind of creative and emotional escape from the broken dreams left behind in their home countries in Lebanon & Ukraine. Few months later, Caravan Dream arranged and self-produced Heroes Dreams” which was later mixed and mastered by Dave Skelton in Ireland and released as their first single in the Summer of 2020.

The band subsequently released the single Into Your Maze”, mixed in California by Greg Johnson and mastered at state-of-the-art KATARA STUDIOS by Mazen Murad. The track which was deliberately written with a more obvious rock flavour to underscore the conflict that a person has within her/himself and deals with the love-hate feeling towards their addictions, people, commitments, and other attachments. The more recent single  “Moonlight” , releases August 2022, is spacious and grandiose and almost esoteric in its form.

The new single “Fantasy” provides a ‘perfect virtual space’ that we can all retreat to and escape the harshness of the real world. As Radi explains, “…a judgement free world where there is no place for natural disasters, wars and sadness. A world away from robotic and heartless surroundings where we all could be happily equal as non-clustered, unlabelled and uncategorized humans”.

Given the uncertainties and sadness in our current world it is indeed the “Fantasy” we all need right now.



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