Andy’s Best Albums Of 2014: Part Two 10-6


Things are heating up. The countdown continues

10. Machines Dream – Immunity
Time for another story. Before we were doing this website, Garry, who now writes a column or two for us, was Tweeting about a Canadian Prog band called Machines Dream. They were rather good, he said. So we had a listen, and he was right. In fact, he was more than right. They are incredible. Anyway fast forward six months and they stuck album number two out. “Immunity” doesn’t need build up. Just listen to it. It’s the Prog record of the year.

9. Devilstrip – Rise
Devilstrip means a grass verge in Akron, Ohio. To me it means the reason that MVM exists in this form. The band started following me on Twitter and I started doing a few bits and pieces with them, and when Don and me started this site together, one of the reasons I did was to get Devilstrip some better coverage. None of this would matter, of course, if “Rise” wasn’t a brilliant slice of hard rock. It is. And the band are the nicest three blokes you could meet. Even better, they understand a double entendre when they write one. Check them out. It won’t disappoint.

8. Neonfly – Prisoners In Paradise
Of all the things we’ve done since MVM started I think the fact we’ve done some stuff with Neonfly has been my favourite. Since seeing them live about four years ago I have been besotted with this OTT collection of Europeans who make music that is somewhere between power metal and Magnum. “….Paradise” takes everything that was brilliant about their debut and just improves it.

7. Electric Boys – Starflight United
Since I was a kid I have been of the opinion that Conny Bloom can do no wrong. If their last record – “And Them Boys Done Swang” was a brilliant comeback, then this one just takes that funky sheen and disappears over the horizon.

6. Joe Bonamassa – Different Shades Of Blue
Joe’s good, they said. But can he write his own songs? This was him saying yes. One cover. A 90 second Hendrix opening, then the rest are all his. One of them “Love Ain’t A Love Song” is one of the best he’s ever written. There’s a reason why JB fills arenas. He’s brilliant.

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