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Promising Italian satanists let loose on second full-length release.


Very short History & Geography lesson

Modern day Brianza, in the region of Lomardy, at the foot of the Italian Alps, was originally settled around the second Millenium BC.  The religious persuasion of the population, in-particular Christianity, dates back to the third century and various religious movements have risen, flourish and disappeared during the past 2,000 years or more. Like much of Italy, Brianza, is heavily Roman Catholic and has historical links with the papacy in Rome thanks to Pope Pius XI back in the 1920’s & 30’s.

Who are Evil Spell?

Walk down the streets of Brianza these days and you may bump into three local men, Figo, Igor and Paul who openly and actively oppose the Catholic religion and all they stand for. These anti-social satanists direct their anger and disdain towards the Church through their band Evil Spell. A blackened speed/thrash band in the best traditions of Venom, Celtic Frost, Slayer, Sodom etc.

The band formed in 2006 and have gone through a few changes in line-up in the past seven or eight years. They have built up a decent following in their home country and now seem set on conquering Europe with their vicious brand of raw blackened thrash. The have done a couple of demos and one full-length release prior to Necrology.

The album

The intro to the album is two minutes of galloping instrumental thrash that leads perfectly into the opening screams of “Slut of Satan”. If you entered into the listening of this album with any uncertainty about what you would be subjected to then this track almost certainly gives you all the information you need to start your journey into Evil Spell.

“Satanic Underground” follows and the band are well and truly into their merciless blast-beating stride now.

“No Mercy” is perhaps the most standout track on the album sounding as it does like Reign In Blood-era Slayer . The full-force drums lead the charge into hell backed by the sword-wielding riffs that cut through the enemy at will.

It’s fair to say that Lucifer himself would be proud of this album. It’s blackened speed/thrash of the highest calibre. The subject matter may just be a thin thread away from being a concept album the shifting pace and versatility of the twelve tracks ensure that it’s never a straight dark road that you are travelling down.

Of course, it’s fast-paced, as the rules of speed/thrash music dictate, but there are subtle, very subtle in some cases, moments in the music. Think of an early satanic version of Metallica and you are someway, if not all, to knowing how this band sound. Kill ‘Em All…………….with an inverted pentagram.

“Satan Comes Behind The Cross” slows the pace to menacing rather than threatening, well for about one minute it does anyway, then it’s back to normal in-your-face intensity.

The final track “Fra” is in tribute to their fallen brother who passed away in 2010. A melancholic opening quickly gives way to now customary brutal aggression. A proud and fitting testament I would guess.

Whether you agree with the spiritual beliefs of the band and the message they convey is, to a point, irrelevant as you have to admit the devil really does have all the best tunes.

The Evil Spell has been cast.


Filo – Vocals, guitars and bass
Igor – Drums and backing vocals
Paul – Guitars, bass and backing vocals

Donnie’s Rating: 9/10

Check the band out here

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