A Free Taxi Ride


Our friends at Italy’s Premier Underground label are offering a free compilation

This compilation celebrates Taxi Driver’s passion and privilege of keep promoting awesome Italian underground bands. It includes tracks from recent releases, outtakes and a couple of previews from upcoming releases. It will also be soon available on CD.


1. Eremite – Drift Away

2. Hyperwülff – Raging Hunger

3. Nudist – See The Light Beyond The Spiral

4. Satori Junk – Monsters

5. Jussipussi – Bury You Deep

6. Psychedelic Witchcraft – Angela

7. Morgengruss – River’s Call

8. Kröwnn – Sleipnir

9. Antea – Distorted Truth

10. Flying Disk – I Don’t Feel Anything

11. Fabio Cuomo – Il Sogno Del Reale

12. Sator – R Sparrow Is Coming Back

13. Vanessa Van Basten – Fascination Trip

Cover artwork from an illustration by Genoese artist Luca Marcenaro.
Remastering: Emanuele Cioncoloni of El Fish Recording Studio (Genova, Italy).

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