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First song from “The Grim Muse” unveiled

At last, it unfolds. ‘Dystopian’, the first song of ‘The Grim Muse’ by In Twilight’s Embrace and a harbinger of the coming storm is now unbound and raging!

By far, being one of the most intense hymns in the entire lifespan of In Twilight’s Embrace, ‘Dystopian’ offers an accurate representation of what the new album stands for both music and lyrics-wise. It’s three minutes of pure Death Metal earthquake, untamed yet haunting with outbursts of dismal melody. As all the other songs on ‘The Grim Muse’, this one manifests the overall feeling of disillusion, doubt and departure from modern paradigm of life.

A follow-up to 2011’s ‘Slaves to Martyrdom’, ‘The Grim Muse’ will be released as a classic jewelcase CD on September 15 th by Arachnophobia Records. If you’re into Dissection or early At the Gates, you should definitely check this one out!

Journalists willing to receive the digital copy of the album – please get back to us with your inquiries.

To be released via Arachnophobia Records on 15th September!

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