Track By Track: Blood Youth – Closure


The punks talk us through their new one

“Our debut was a lyrical meltdown,” says Chris Pritchard, guitarist of UK metal punks, Blood Youth, speaking of his band’s 2015 ferocious call to arms, Inside My Head; “With this new E.P – Closure –  it’s about what Kaya once felt coming to an end. And for all of us this EP is literally closure for the personal anxiety we all felt while writing Inside My Head. The whole thing was a recovery process. Full circle.” Despite being only 10 months young, Blood Youth have already made a hefty dent on the national scene, helped along by attention grabbing appearances at Download Festival and Hevy Fest, and tours alongside the likes of Beartooth and Architects. Recorded once again with producer Jonny Renshaw at Bandit Studios, Closure sees the quartet confident and utterly in charge. Ahead of it’s release via Rude Records in March, Chris gives a brief insight into what to expect…

“Breathe – This track uses the same lyrics as the last track on Inside My Head’s ‘Big Smoke’. We wanted to get across the idea of the ‘smoke’ of a rocky relationship clearing, which has now given us a chance to breathe and reflect.

24/7 – 24/7 is a very personal one for Kaya. This song is about his mum and how she works very hard and how he wishes he could do more to help her out. It also happens to be one of the heaviest songs we have written. We just took all the aggression we had in parts of previous songs and made a whole song out of it. We can’t wait to play it live!

Mood Swing – This song wasn’t actually meant to be on the EP (just like Failure wasn’t meant to be on IMH). We had written the EP, had them demoed, ready to go to the studio etc, when this song just flew out of nowhere one sleepless night. So we tracked it and that was it! Lyrically Mood Swing is about trying to let somebody new into your life but then realising that it’s all a bit too much; just that early claustrophobic feeling you get when things are starting to get a bit intense.

Closure – One of the easier going songs on the EP, Closure was fairly simple to get our heads around. All the riffs are just structures and “hums” I’ve had in my head for years, so it was a relief to finally get them out. Lyrically this is was one the first songs Kaya wrote for this EP. He was thinking about everything that had happened and where he is now because of it. This song is exactly about that, it’s about realising and accepting who you have become now that the dust has settled.”


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