Critically acclaimed Seattle rock band Walking Papers release their second single, ‘The Value of Zero‘ from their forthcoming full-length album, The Light Below. 
Walking Papers’ third studio album The Light Below is due out 5th February 2021 via Carry On Music and is now available for pre-order
The Value of Zero is about freeing oneself from the dead weight of other’s opinions with the hope of finding a more personal truth. As much as I appreciate insight and being informed, many sources seem to have a cognitive bias or an agenda. Those can become vampires of time and energy. Personally, I’m feeling if I don’t keep them in check, I might lose the ability to think for myself. That is, if I truly am anymore. I like the idea of a blank slate. I’m not sure it’s possible but contemplating it gives my chaotic brain something to focus on.” explains Jefferson Angell.
Listen/Buy The Value of Zero‘, while feasting your eyes on the striking video created by The Boredom Killing Business here:
To celebrate Black Friday November 27, 2020, Walking Papers recently announced that they will be releasing a limited edition version of The Light Below on double white vinyl, ahead of the official February 5th street date. The vinyl will only be available at participating Independent Record Stores  that are part of the Record Store Day organisation as an exclusive Black Friday title.
The Light Below Track listing:
1. The Value of Zero
2. What Did You Expect?
3. Divine Intervention
4. Stood Up at the Gates of Heaven
5. Going Nowhere
6. Creation Reproduction and Death
7. Money Isn’t Everything
8. Rich Man’s War
9. Where did I Go Wrong
10. The Other Shoe (Reprise)
11. My Thoughts are not My Own
12. California (One More Phone Call)

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