The Negation Leave A Memento


Nihilistic Black Metal with more than meets the eye comes back with a darker than black second full-length!


The NEGATION will release their new album Memento Mori on July 6 (July 7 digital and North America). The first pressing comes as a limited edition (500 copies) DigiSleeve CD.

THE NEGATION’s debut full-length, Paths of Obedience (2013), took an unsuspecting scene by total surprise with its crushingly heavy and powerful production for a freezing cold, dark as fuck and totally nihilistic Black Metal attack. Memento Mori, the band’s second full-length will confirm THE NEGATION as a top-class Black Metal act ready to conquer the world and bring it to its death!

Produced at the Hybreed Studio (TEMPLE OF BAAL, GLORIOR BELLI, AZZIARD.), with artwork by Metastazis (MORBID ANGEL, BEHEMOTH, WATAIN), influenced by legendary acts with whom they’ve toured (MARDUK, BELPHEGOR) as well as bands such as DARK FUNERAL and DEATHSPELL OMEGA, THE NEGATION’s second full-length,Memento Mori has much more to offer than the orthodox Black Metal you may think you’re hearing initially. THE NEGATION is a concept, an experience, a clear vision of what today’s world is and where it’s going: to its death and brutal demise. THE NEGATION is definitely NOT your usual Black Metal thing! No Satan, no God, no frostbitten kingdoms or grim forests here, just plain, absolute, total fucking nihilism and misanthropy.

Mankind and the way it behaves, Man and its servile and submissive absence of values whatever humanity pretends, our species’ fast forward and raging will for self-destruction and the slaughtering of whatever will be on its path until its demise is the only truth, the darkest truth, the brutal truth. No need for false prophets, age-old books of lies or two-millennium old crucified zombies and winged demons here. Mankind and its utter nihilism is the only inspiration and the only reason why THE NEGATION is darker than many and more hopelessly brutal than most.
And it’s not only a musical or lyrical concept: experiencing a THE NEGATION show is being lapidated by a horde of chained nameless and faceless creatures ready to deliver what’s darkest and most brutal in this world: it’s being forced to face yourself, the void of your own existence, the vain and hopeless meaning and achievements of your so-called will, the total absence of “why?” we all try to hide deep inside… in total Negation.

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