The Long Arm Of The Law


Rebellious music with its fists in the dirt

Police State are a 4 piece Grind/Crust band from York, PA, who are in their words:  “here to shit on American politics.” Hatred radiates from this release, both lyrically and musically, so if you want to hear one of the most outright and honest hardcore protests against modern America, “Mind Collapse” is it. They say: “No matter what kind of Metal you like at all – true rebellious music is always the righteous fist in the face of lowdirt.”

Police State is Paul (guitar), Kasey (bass, vocals), Tyler (drums), and Cole (vocals). Guest vocals on “Pure Filth” by Kyle from Ralph. “Mind Collapse” was recorded on 09/12/2015 by Noel Mueller of Grimoire Records. Mixed and mastered by Noel Mueller/Grimoire Records. Art by Stephen Schrock and Noel Mueller.


Mind Collapse Tracklisting:
1. Intro
2. Consumed
3. Oath
4. Karma
5. Pure Filth
6. Blinding
7. Propaganda
8. Cease to Exist
9. Resolution
10. Shallow Grave

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