The Last Nihlosaur


Look, the names of this duo are a little adult….

Nihilosaur is a metal group from Szczecin, Poland, formed in 2005.

The band has recorded four studio albums released so far by their own record label Demons of Entertainment – ‘The End is Within Sight (2007), ‘You Will Never Get the Satisfaction (EP, 2011), Death is the Border That Evil Cannot Cross (2013) and Icebreaker Hope (EP, 2014). At the moment they are looking for the record label.

The band is composed of Felix Geniusfix (aka Kokkieter Thaumiel) – guitars, samples, backing vocal and Florian Analfox (aka Clownitzer Cumshot, aka Half Artist Half Ox) – vocal, bass and drum programming, who describe their eclectic music as a “hymn & ruin,” or “grey tones” though they incorporate a wide range of genres, including metal, noise rock, psychedelia, avant-garde, death, black, industrial and numerous other styles.

Felix Geniusfix – guitars, samples, backing vocal
Florian Analfox – voices, bass, drum programming


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