The Grand Old (Aggressive) Dukes Of York


Doom/Death Crew from, York, Pennsylvania release new album this week

With an unlikely mix of Death and Doom, BITTERED creates something threatening yet very atmospheric with “Hubris Aggression” and have managed to create one unique monster of a debut album with this one. Doom Metal can be an awfully confusing genre… on one hand, there’s your classic “rocking” doom metal, the funeral-dirge insomnia-curing drone nonsense, and the Death/Doom camp. BITTERED‘s sole full-length does a damn good job of combining the latter, while increasing the Death Metal quota. In other words, you get the crushing, oppressive feel of Death-Doom coupled with the crunch and power of Old-School slow Death maestro’s like Asphyx and Obituary. It’s the sort of thing you throw on when you wish to be absorbed in a sickening atmosphere of pure melancholic hate.
Hubris Aggression” was Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered at 20to20 Studios by Drummer Dennis Matos.



Hubris Aggression Tracklisting:
1. Places You Never Dreamed Of
2. America Is Killing You
3. Anger And Guilt
4. Poisoned Earth
5. Mouth Full Of Shit
6.Illusion Of Man
7. Push It Down
8. In The Skies
9. Consumed By Garbage

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