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US Metallers return with their new one

San Diego-based metallists Cage are set to return on October 30th, with the release of their latest metallic tour de force, ‘Ancient Evil,’ which has been prefaced by a lyric video for the killer composition, “The Procedure”

“We really love how creepy the video came out, it’s like a mini movie almost,” explains singer Sean “The Hell Destroyer” Peck. “This song will give people a good idea of what they are in for on this massive, heavy metal, horror story thrill ride!” Rounding out the band are Dave “Conan” Garcia (guitars), Casey “The Sentinel” Trask (guitars), Alex “The Captain” Pickard (bass guitar), and Sean “The Thrash Machine” Elg (drums).

Based on a horror novel written by lead singer Sean Peck, ‘Ancient Evil’ continues the legacy of Cage as a heavy metal innovator. This nearly 80-minute monstrosity has 19 tracks that combine songs and narrated interludes to forge a unique musical journey that rocks! 

However, according to Sean, making a concept record work is never an easy task – “With this being our 7th release, we wanted to try our hand at another concept album. We had great success with ‘Hell Destroyer,’ but doing a scary story type of thing and making the songs catchy and memorable while keeping the listener captivated by the content, is a real challenge.” 

The story’s main character, Elliot Worthington, is played by none other than ex-Iron Maiden frontman Blaze Bayley. “I did not want to do any of the character voices this time, so we got some really great talent to act out the scenes. Blaze did an incredible job. His acting chops were freaking great, I have to say,” says Peck. “The writing for this record came together effortlessly even though it was a concept record. It is pretty much just blazing fast the whole way through which is just how I like it!”

And soon, metalheads will be able to experience Cage’s latest metal masterpiece.

‘Ancient Evil’ Tracklisting:

1) There Were Others

2) Ancient Evil

3) Behind the Walls of Newgate

4) The Procedure

5) The Appetite

6) Cassandra

7) Blinded By Rage

8) Tell Me Everything

9) The Expedition

10) Beholder

11) I Have Awakened

12) Across The Sea Of Madness

13) To Save Love

14) Christ Protect Me

15) Sinister Six

16) Symphony Of Sin

17) The Antidote

18) Tomorrow Never Came

19) It Can´t Be

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