The Best Band Name Ever?


And these Aussies have just got a new home

It is probably no coincidence that Napalm Records had to look literally at the other end of the world to find these crazy lunatics in Australia:

Sebastian Muench, A&R Napalm Records on the brand new signing with ZOMBIE MOTORS WRECKING YARD “Zombie Motors Wrecking Yard is probably not the easiest band name to remember but already the demo tracks like “Fight, Fight, Fight”, “Galactic Motherfucker” or “Roll N Burn” are straight up sucker punches to the face in a dirty fight! Pure raw anger, tits and gasoline liquored up to wash down the desert sand on a hot day in Victoria! We are proud and pumped to have ZMYY join the Napalm Team!”

“Zombie Motors Wrecking Yard are fucking stoked to be in the Napalm Records Army, we are busily working away on our debut album, of Australian dirty rock n roll styled stoner galactic blues and destruction. We are recording in factories, strip clubs and back rooms with booze and weed staining the walls, why do it like everyone else when we can do it the way we want? We are hanging in Europe and fly the Aussie flag and rock with our European brothers and sisters. If you dig choppers, muscle cars, girls n rock done dirty, then we are here to serenade you while you right yourself off… We are the galactic mother fuckers from the wild west of Victoria, fuelled on gasoline and running on empty.”

The upcoming album is already scheduled for 2016. More info & news coming soon! Stay tuned for more ZOMBIE MOTORS WRECKING YARD to come!

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