The 13th Might Be Lucky


Italian band Dissidio “Thisorientamento”  get Digital Release and reveal ambitious plan for films

The digital release will be available  on every worldwide webstores: iTunes, Amazon, Napster, Spotify, Real Rhapsody, etc….via Overdub Recordings (Worm Hole Death)/Code 7.
12 video clips will be made for the album, one video for every album’s track directed  by Mario Vitale of Bunker Film and will be published on the 13th day of each month, starting in February and ending in January 2016, on the Youtube band channel and on Facebook band page.

‘Dark atmospheres, big guitar riffs blend with powerfull rhythmics. The lyrics are pervaded by a strong theatrical and visionary component”

The first one is here:

The March 13th the second official videoclip of the song “Ha Ha Ha” will be released via You Tube.


1. Ciao, Ciao (pt.1)
2. Ha Ha Ha
3. Qualcosa di meglio da dire
4. Uniforme-Mente
5. L’amore è un lavoro strano
6. Pezzo di sfiga
7. Vetrinaspecchio
8. La “parole” (fine a se) (Feat. Mors Chaos Conspiracy)
9. 9 (by Lili Refrain)
10. Se Si Sa Si Sa, Sai? (Feat. Lili Refrain)
11. Saturday Night Dead
12. Ciao, Ciao (pt.2)


– “9” composed by Lili Refrain

– “Se Si Sa Si Sa, Sai?” feat. Lili Refrain

– “L’amore è un lavoro strano” feat. Daniela Mazza

– Alessandro Montos Montoneri guitar on “L’amore è un lavoro strano” e “Se Si Sa Si Sa, Sai?”

–  Mors (Chaos Conspiracy) guitar on “La parole fine a se”

Produced by Davide Rosati
Engineered Mixed by Davide Rosati Recorded at ACME Recording Studio, Raiano (AQ),Italy.
Mastered by Willy Antico @ Shut Up Studio

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