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To celebrate the recent release Lunatic Soul’s new album Fractured, Mariusz Duda, has revealed a new video for the song “Moving On”.  

Maruisz explains “Strength lies in simplicity. This new video, perfectly crafted by the author of the new Lunatic Soul photos – Oskar Szramka, reflects the pure essence of the Lunatic Soul mood and music. There is a slight reference the Lunatic Soul II artwork, with the black & white, space and wanderings. It fits perfectly with the music’s character, whilst still leaving a lot of space for your own interpretation. The Polish sea at the end of the video, well, that’s the place I usually retreat to when I need to find a calm within. Hope you will find it too. :)”

Fractured, Lunatic Soul’s is the fifth album and the follow up to 2014’s acclaimed Walking On A Flashlight Beam. Here, sees a conceptual development for Lunatic Soul with Duda gaining the self-confidence to allow himself greater creative freedom with the new material, experimenting more with electronics and rhythm.

Following the release Mariusz Duda explains indepth his vision of the album Fractured by Lunatic Soul is not an album to be listened to in the evening. It is not meant to be savoured with a nice glass of wine, lights out or eyes closed. 

This is for when you are broken, when your world has shattered and fallen apart into pieces, you get angry, you start to feel het up, uncertain and afraid; your pulse is quicker and your breath shorter. Sometimes you’ll get a break, you calm down for just a moment but you never really stop running, you just can’t stop. 

That pulse, that anger, those sharp pieces are everywhere on this album, sometimes the edges are smoothed out with melodies, the piano, the acoustic guitar or symphonic orchestra but what you really feel inside is like that sax solo at the end of “A Thousand Shards of Heaven” or like the driving rhythm in “Moving On”. It wasn’t meant to be a lyrical journey like “Impressions” or “Walking on a Flashlight Beam”, it wasn’t meant to be a beautiful journey into the underworld from the dark black-and-white diptych. This album has always meant to be a combination of fragments of pure shattered glass with sadness and melancholy. This is an album we shouldn’t fall asleep to but instead wake up with, and want to leave all that’s bad behind. To wake up and move on.

That’s what Fractured is like, and that’s the new Lunatic Soul.”

Fractured features Poland’s Sinfonietta Consonus Orchestra, conducted by Michał Mierzejewski, on two of the album’s most personal tracks “Crumbling Teeth And The Owl Eyes” and “A Thousand Shards Of Heaven”; the album also features saxophonist Marcin Odyniec who first worked with Mariusz in Riverside. The album was recorded in Poland at Serakos Studio and Custom 34 Studio, mixed by Magda & Robert Srzedniccy and Mariusz Duda, and the artwork was created by long-time collaborator, renowned cover artist Travis Smith, whose previous work includes the likes of Anathema, Katatonia, Opeth & Riverside.

Fractured is available on CD / LP / digitally

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